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Hi, I'm Lynnsie! Helping inventors bring their ideas to life and propel them into the marketplace is what I'm all about. I have over 13 years of experience in doing just that! Whether it's patent illustrations, graphic design, sell sheet strategy and design, technical drawing, concept sketching, logo design, consulting, I do it all...

Often, Client ideas or visions require interpretation and concept development to become real, usable products and/or patentable ideas. My experience in product concept development and presentation helps my clients realize their various product visions and abstract conceptual designs, creating marketable and patentable products. These skills bring ideas from the confines of the imagination into the real world.

Lynnsie Whitaker

What We Offer

One-page document used to present a quick-pitch of a product or product idea. Typically emailed to a company for the purpose of licensing an idea

Illustrations for formal utility, design, trademark, tradedress and provisional patent applicaitons

Consulting, marketing strategy coaching, custom illustrations of all types, graphic design, pitch decks, logo design, photo editing, and more...

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Patent Drawings

Sell Sheets & Flyers

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Marketing Strategy

In today's highly competitive business world, marketing materials play a vital role in promoting your ideas to companies. With my expertise, I can help you develop a solid marketing strategy that resonates with your target audience. From crafting compelling sales copy to designing eye-catching sell sheets, I will work with you to create marketing materials that effectively communicate your idea and bring it to life!

Patent Drawings

Patent drawings are crucial components of the patent application process. My expertise in patent drawings and provisional patent applications can help you file accurate and compelling patent applications that maximize your chances of success. Whether you need help with creating technical drawings, concept sketches, or formal patent illustrations, I am here to assist you.

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More About Us...

Location and Specialties:

Lynnsie Whitaker Designs is located in Murrieta, California, with clients in dozens of industries all around the globe.

Our Specialties Include:

-Patent Drawings


-Graphic Design

Our graphic design offerings are typically targeted towards licensing and inventing goals. These include items such as promotional marketing materials, sell sheets, storyboard illustrations, concept sketches, pitch decks, pamphlets, technical drawings, logos, flyers, social media graphics/content, video content and more...

Content Creation and Illustrations

We specialize in creating custom art, concepts and visual content to enhance the marketability of an invention, idea or brand recognition and awareness in various industries. Working with our clients, we also quickly generate valuable and professional promotional content, including various types of advertisements, social media content, and product design art.

In addition, we create illustrations and graphics for use in apparel graphics, fashion promotion, children’s books, instruction manuals, and other professional applications.

Patent Illustration, Product and Invention Drawings and Marketing Materials

We have specialized in patent illustrations and technical drawings. For over 13 years, we have generated professional patent illustrations which adhere to the strict requirements of the USPTO. We can create formal patent illustrations using client conceptual content created using 3D model files, engineering drawings, photographs, sketches, screenshots, and prototypes. All we need is your initial concept, instructions, and references, and we can transform your idea into an acceptable patent illustration for your protection. We work closely with our clients in ensuring that their visions and concepts become a reality.We create beautiful illustrations, diagrams, and charts of your inventions, taking your “back of the napkin” sketch and transforming it into a professional image for patent applications, presentations to investors, and manufacturers.

Our Team

Lynnsie is the lead illustrator, and has over 13 years of experience as a patent illustrator and graphic designer. She works alone or with a team of experienced professionals to create high quality visual content with quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Lynnsie is an industry leader in “sell sheet” creation to assist clients promote their ideas for licensing. Lynnsie is highly regarded in the invention industry as an expert on sell sheet design strategy and content. She and her team create stunning and effective sell sheets for any product category.

Our Clients

We have clients in many industries, including patent law firms, authors, car dealerships, event planners, product development companies, consumer product companies, and eager inventors seeking to patent or license their ideas. LW Designs has created content and illustrations for hundreds of new inventors, as well as companies such as Qualcomm, Porsche, Groupon, and Microsoft.

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